Swing Against Biden! - Golf Ball (Golf Balls, 6pcs)

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Introducing the Swing Against Biden! - Golf Ball. Tired of Biden's endless blunders? Channel your frustration on the fairway with this limited edition golf ball featuring Biden's face and the caption "Help! I'm lost." With every swing, remind Biden that America won't be misled any longer. Get yours today and make a statement against Biden's failed policies during the Masters tournament!

Get your audience in the zone with these personalized golf balls. Available in budget-friendly six packs, these golf balls are made with 100% surlyn. Your artwork, photos, or names go on all six balls, in vivid detail and color.

.: Material: Suryln cover + rubber/hard plastic core
.: One size: 1.68" (4.3cm)
.: A pack of 6 golf balls
.: One design for the whole set